Feiglin Moshe 2018 NEW

Israel’s politicians from both Right and Left have lost their sense of compassion. They have lost their sense of embarrassment.

Likud, Blue and White, the New Right, Meretz, and, of course, Labor are all collaborators with the financial terror organizations – also known as the major labor unions. Knesset after Knesset, government after government, they kneel before the labor unions, the Histadrut, and the powerful cartels that enjoy state sponsorship.

They can call the method they celebrate socialism, or social-involvement, or unionism. But no word in their newspeak will conceal the truth: They prefer the strong over the weak. They choose the easier political path at the voter’s expense and at the expense of Israel’s economic prosperity.

There is no dearth of examples, but without a doubt, a great recent one involves the train workers. Let’s devote a few words to them if only because no other politician dares do so. Last week, the train workers announced that they won’t operate the train line to Jerusalem. This move was just the latest in a never-ending saga of strikes and sanctions.

They hijack and abuse Israel’s citizens without losing a shekel of their salaries. In 2018, train workers went on strike or imposed sanctions for no less than 100 days. Not one worker was fired for this abuse of Israel’s citizens. It seems that bullying pays. The average wage of the train workers skyrocketed eight percent over the last two years to 2.5 times more than the average salary in Israel.

This wild salary hike has created a deficit for Israel Railways. Despite the 1.5 billion shekels that…