ELLINGTON — The Board of Finance on Thursday cut the proposed budget for 2019-20 by $747,000 to keep the tax rate low, eliminating certain new positions, particular capital improvement projects, and some education spending.

The board then voted unanimously to recommend a reduced spending plan in the amount of $60.7 million, which represents an increase of 3.1 percent over the current year’s budget and a mill rate increase of 0.9 mills.

At the start of the meeting, which took place at Town Hall, Finance Board members agreed on a goal to keep the tax increase under 1 mill.

The tax rate currently is 31.7 mills, and with the recommended increase it will rise to 32.6 mills. Each mill represents $1 tax per $1,000 in assessed property value.

The Finance Board was able to cut $747,000 from the proposed budget presented at Tuesday evening’s public hearing, which totaled nearly $61.5 million and increased the tax rate by 1.5 mills.

Cuts came across the board, with some of the biggest coming from eliminating the proposed public safety director’s position, which totaled about $154,000 with salary and benefits, and the financial transparency software known as Open Gov, which would have cost $85,000.

Though Open Gov was cut from the budget, Finance Board member Peg Busse said she’d like to see the town implement…