Danielle Howard

I believe that by being intentional about your financial life, you will have a more productive and purposeful financial 2019. Pick one or two of these to start out with.

1. List your financial wins

What where your 2018 financial victories? Did you have constructive monetary conversations? Did you make commendable fiscal choices? What character traits led you to these victories? Were you diligent, patient, creative, resourceful? We seldom give ourselves credit when due, so take the time to pat yourself on the back. You will be more likely to build on those wins in 2019.

2. Acknowledge your financial failings

We all make financial mistakes, every day in many ways. We overspent on holiday purchases. We argued with someone we love about a money matter. We didn’t do the end of year tax harvesting or rebalancing we had intended to. We should have put more money away for future goals. When we acknowledge and accept what we didn’t do, we become accountable and it frees us to choose a new direction.

3. Financially forgive yourself and others

A new direction includes letting go of the past. It is the conscious decision to let go of the blame, resentment, anger or other detrimental emotions that holds you hostage. It is about accepting and finding peace in that we are all financially fallible, and that we can choose to head into the new…