Sanjay Dutt’s biopic Sanju is breaking records on domestic box office collection. This movie has decent entertainment value across age groups. Sanjay Dutt’s life story could also provide with some important personal finance lessons. Here are some of them:

i. Blindly following friends’/relatives’ advice is bad

In our network, we are surrounded by people who cannot be trusted. In movie it’s displayed, Sanju’s friend consumes glucose but persuades him to consume drugs. Such ‘friends’ just love your money and don’t care for you. Similarly, there are so-called well-wishers who recommend us to invest in insurance policies or penny stocks which give poor returns in the long term while they themselves will be investing in financial assets which are giving inflation-beating returns in the long term. If the ‘Friend’ is an insurance agent or broker, those recommended insurance policies will earn them hefty commissions and trailing income on premium amount paid every year. It’s better to avoid such advices when it comes to investments.

ii. You can correct your past mistakes

Sanjay Dutt slowly got addicted to drugs and kept finding reasons to start consuming after discontinuing for a while. However, he overcame drug addiction after undergoing treatment in the US….