What is ‘Money At Call’

Money at call, or “at call money,” is any financial loan that is payable immediately and in full upon demand. Typically, it is a short-term, interest-paying loan of from one to 14 days made by a bank or similar institution.


Typical money at call loans do not have set repayment schedules but are payable immediately and in full upon demand. They give banks a way to earn interest while retaining liquidity. Investors might use money at call to cover a margin account. The interest rate on such loans is called the call-loan rate.

This is different from short notice money, which is similar by implies a notice of call of up to 14 days. After cash, both money at call and short notice are a bank’s most liquid assets. While they are usually interest-earning secured loans, their true value is in providing the banks an opportunity to profit from surplus funds and maintain proper liquidity levels.

Money at call is an important component of the…