The Anti-Corruption Commission has found no evidence that former planning and finance minister U Kyaw Win was involved in bribery.

The commission disclosed to the media last week its findings on the complaints raised against the minister after a month-long investigation. The disclosure comes after U Kyaw Win resigned from the position last month.

U Soe Tint, a member of the commission who led the investigation, told reporters that his team interrogated 22 sources including the people who complained against the minister.

However, he did not mention the names of those who testified before the commission.

He said that among the witnesses interviewed were senior officials, staff of the ministry and businessmen allegedly involved in the illicit transactions, which, according to the commission, turned out not to have happened.

U Soe Tint said that among the eight complaints against U Kyaw Win, three accusations were concerned with his social affairs, which was beyond…