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The WKU Board of Regents finance committee will consider recommendations for the 2018-2019 operating budget on Wednesday, including increases for tuition rates, online course fees for full-time students and full-time employee salaries.

During its meeting on Wednesday, the committee will vote on whether to increase tuition rates by 4 percent for undergraduate residents and non-residents, according to the meeting agenda. At their meeting on May 11, regents asked the administration to consider a 4 percent tuition increase rather than the 3 percent President Timothy Caboni had initially recommended.

This 4 percent increase would set the in-state tuition rate, currently $5,101, at $5,301 per semester. The out-of-state rate, currently $12,756, would rise to $13,248 per semester. For international students, tuition would increase from $13,080 a semester to $13,572.

The tuition increases would generate more than $5.5 million.

Caboni has said the bulk of the new tuition revenue would be used to fund pay raises for WKU faculty and staff. WKU had a salary increase of 4 percent in 2008, but increases since then have been minimal or nonexistent, according to documents provided to the finance committee, leaving employee pay lagging benchmark institutions and the private sector.

Creating a 4 percent salary-increase pool would cost WKU about $5.1 million annually, according to the finance committee documents. If approved, merit increases would be determined in the fall…