Outsized returns delivered by America’s leading technology companies over the past decade have turned them into Wall Street darlings. As the bull market comes to an end, sending shares of tech titans on a downward spiral and dragging the market down with them, analysts have been reluctant to change their upbeat forecasts.

While investors sell off shares of FAANG stocks, knocking about $100 billion from Facebook Inc.’s (FB

) market capitalization in the recent weeks, analysts continue to cite big tech’s earnings outlook and dominance across sectors from retail to social media, as outlined in a story published by The Wall Street Journal on March 30.

The NYSE FANG+ Index, which tracks the shares of 10 global tech giants, dropped 2.3% last week after a 5.6% decline on Tuesday, which marked its largest one-day loss since September 2014. Yet as of the end of the week’s trading, 91% of analysts had a buy or overweight rating on FB, a jump from an average of 89% in February. As for Amazon, 96% of…