The new face of gun freedom is Dana Loesch. She is a telegenic spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association, and in recent days she has been everywhere.

Loesch is also the author of two books: Hands Off My Gun (2014) and Flyover Nation (2016).  She has worked for Breitbart News and, more recently, for The Blaze.

She ended her relationship with The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s creation, last November. She says that this parting of the ways was an amicable one.

She has been the ubiquitous voice of the NRA (even more so that Wayne LaPierre, its CEO) especially since Thursday, February 22, when at the Conservative Political Action Conference she said, “Many in legacy media love mass shootings” because they provide “crying white mothers” for the cameras.

The term “legacy media” refers to newspaper and broadcast news outlet, in contrast with on-line or social media. In Loesch’s comment quoted above the term primarily refers to television news. After all, the whiteness of the crying white mothers can’t be detected over the radio, and the still photos in the newspaper are necessarily less dramatic than broadcast footage.

Left Wing View

The Sunday following her CPAC comments, Loesch appeared on This Week, the ABC news talk program helmed by George Stephanopoulos. Their exchange was remarkable in many ways, but what seems most to have excited the blogosphere was a claim about gun casualties in France.

Loesch, responding to the host’s contention that “no one else” (no country other than the United States) has the “frequency or the intensity of these kinds of mass shootings,” said that “France had a higher casualty rate in one year than the entire two administrations of Barack Obama. And they’re as fifth of our population.”

She didn’t explain which was the “one year” she had in mind, and the discussion soon moved on to other subjects, but that statement has rather fueled the leftist response, which is that it can be made literally true only by gerrymandering facts, and that such treatment was misleading and was not responsive to Stephanopoulos’ point.

The year Loesch must have had in mind here (to render the statement true) is 2015. There were a lot of casualties (taking the word literally to include injured as well as dead) in France that year. It was an outlier for France, made so by the Bataclan theatre assault on November 13.That attack killed 130 and injured more than 350. This means that the total number of “casualties” from Bataclan alone is above 480.  But that is what statisticians call an “outlier,” and using it in this way is rather like using September 2001 as a reference point for the prevalence of airplane crash related casualties in southern Manhattan.

Some of the leftist response to Loesch has been, well … less than civil. One random example, a twitter denizen called “Old Ivory” says, “I think Dana Loesch started out with about 8 brain cells and has lost at least ½ of them along the way.”

Right Wing View

David Wohl expressed a common right wing opinion of Dana Loesch on Saturday, March 3, when he contributed to the hashtag “TriggerALiberalIn4Words” this gem, “Dana Loesch Absolutely Rocks.”

Another admirer, Ryan Meyer, tweets at greater length, “It’s amazing the crap @DLoesch and her husband @ChrisLoesch are going through, and yet with all the threats they choose to continue to stand for our 2d amendment rights rather than run and hide like the left wants them to do. We truly don’t deserve them.”

Her old stomping grounds, Breitbart, too, sides with Loesch by gallantly defending her against two students who appeared at CNN’s Town Hall event on February 21. One student, Cameron Kasky, asked how Loesch can look herself in the mirror, “considering the fact that she has children” and still function as an NRA spokeswoman. Another student, Emma Gonzalez, said that Loesch should know “that we will support your two children in a way that you will not.”

Breitbart’s take? “CNN Lets students attack Dana Loesch as a bad mother at Town Hall on guns.”