In Part I of this discussion, we saw how the outlines of a natural deal seemed to emerge from a televised meeting between the President and Congressional leaders of both parties on Tuesday, January 9. The outline is this: Democratic leadership will concede the propriety of enhanced border security, (the Wall), and in return Republican leadership will agree to extend and perhaps in time to make permanent the deferral of deportation of many people who are now in the United States by way of childhood arrival.

We also noted that there is as yet no good reason to believe that anything like that will happen. A new obstacle to any such deal arose as soon as that Part I was written – reports emerged that POTUS had used a very vulgar expression for all African nations and for Haiti. The left seized upon this as proof that POTUS is a white supremacist and the right saw that indignation as itself either infuriating or amusing.

President Trump denied making the comment at issue, and a “did he or didn’t he” debate has since threatened to overshadow substantive discussion of immigration.

The remainder of this column will ignore than distraction, and will address what left and right on social media are saying about the natural deal described above.

Right Wing View

The right is split between those who think the televised meeting Tuesday was a brilliant stroke by a great negotiator, and those who are worried that Trump is abandoning some of the core principles that got him elected.

Ann Coulter, as an ardent advocate both of the Wall and of mass deportations, feared that the President was no longer solid on those points. She tweeted that if Trump had been Winston Churchill, he would have said, “We shall fight on the beaches. Or have a world-class picnic there, depends entirely on the weather.”  Also, she supposed that if he had been Paul Revere, he would have said, “The British. Who are some of my best friends. They’re coming, and going, and it’s all very exciting.”

Charlie Spiering passed along to his twitter followers an observation by the White House press secretary: “Sarah Sanders says that the White House believes that a DACA deal is not amnesty.”  A conservative, John Binder, retweeted this with his own observation added, “Open borders lobby and corporate interests (both opposed to Trump) say the same thing. Americans say otherwise.”

But other right wingers have retained their faith that Trump is standing firm on both the Wall and border security. In fact “rightwingmadman” expresses irritation at what he calls the “trump-is-getting-ready-to-sellout” talk “from some on our side.”

Left Wing View

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) represents a common left wing view, which is that the Democrats must leverage the necessary government-fund measure coming up, in the immigration context.

Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) tweets, “Timeline on #DACA is running out. We need to pass the #DreamActNow and ensure that #Dreamers have a path to pursue their American Dream.”

As the website ThinkProgress observes, in September when Trump announced the phasing out of DACA, he also said “he would give Congress until March 5, 2018 to find a permanent solution for this group of immigrants.”  ThinkProgress takes the view that there should be a clean DACA bill that will do just that, and complains of the “harsh elements that include border security enhancements and cuts to various legal immigration programs” that are introduced in essence to block that.

Finally (for our brief survey of reactions) an instagrammer calling himself  Livelifepursuehappy” has posted a photo of the Statue of Liberty. Superimposed over the statue are the famous words of Emma Lazarus, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me; I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”