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WASHINGTON — Gov. Greg Abbott pitched his proposal for more than $60 billion in Hurricane Harvey aid in Washington on Tuesday, money he says will help Texas rebuild and prepare for future deadly storms.

Handing out thick three-ring binders detailing his plan, Abbott met with the White House budget officials, as well as Senate and House leaders, in a bid to secure funds that he says are critical not just to the Lone Star State’s recovery, but the U.S. economy and national security.

His request is nearly double that of a $36.5 billion emergency spending measure that Congress approved in recent weeks, a bill that bypassed his recent bid for nearly $19 billion in Harvey-related aid.

And it comes as Washington lawmakers wrestle with other high-dollar aid requests after a spate of hurricanes devastated coastal states and territories and wildfires ravaged California.

Still, Abbott expressed hope that his message resonated with Washington leaders.

“We’re making clear that what we’re asking for is not unusual when you consider the size and scope and population impacted by this storm,” Abbott said, adding that Harvey eclipsed hurricanes Katrina and Sandy in scale.

“We’re not asking for any handout or anything unusual, but asking for funding that will flood-proof our region,” he said.

Meanwhile, Texas Sen. John Cornyn — who is holding up the confirmation vote of a key White House budget official until Texas sees new Harvey aid — expressed worry a new disaster relief request won’t be taken up in November, despite earlier assurances from the Office of Management and Budget.

“We’re just trying to close all those holes and eliminate as many excuses we think they can come up with to delay the funding,” he said.

Topping the behemoth Hurricane Harvey recovery proposal is $37 billion for Army Corps of Engineers flood control and navigation projects and $15 billion for…