We’ve all heard the stats tossed around regarding career changes, how, for example, millennials may change jobs as many as 20 times during their working years. Many even switch industries altogether and embark on what is often referred to as a second career.

We don’t often realize when a life-changing opportunity may be just ahead. Some in the workforce toil away in a career they are no longer (or maybe never were) passionate about. However, I have also seen the opposite: instances where professionals changed their course completely, switching from Wall Street executive to bakery owner or from teacher to web developer. In doing so, these risk-takers realized they had to take a step or two into the darkness before the lighted path would appear.


As a finance executive in the tech space, I feel lucky to be in a profession and industry that I enjoy. The financial challenges morph daily, and the industry is ever-evolving; I’ve quickly realized that yesterday’s strategies won’t win tomorrow’s business. The marketing world often lends itself to creativity, where finance is usually viewed as more rules-based and analytical. However, passion and success for either craft can originate from similar base skill sets. If you are in the marketing world and looking to switch to finance, here are five steps you should take.

1. Request informational interviews.

Your company likely has a finance department, so start by making the most of that team’s knowledge. Sit down with one of your finance co-workers and learn about their educational background and career path, what traits they feel are necessary to succeed in finance, and what they enjoy most and least about their trade.

Speak with people at other companies, too. Get a feel for different corporate environments and types of finance and…