Authorities in Arizona suspect recently discovered remains belong to a Glendale kindergarten teacher, who went missing after bailing a man out of jail.

Cathryn Gorospe was last seen Oct. 5 before her drive from Phoenix to a Flagstaff jail where she bailed out 27-year-old Charlie Malzahn. Authorities confirmed the pair had a romantic relationship, CBS 5 reported.

Her roommate reported the Arrowhead Elementary teacher missing two days later, explaining to authorities it was unusual for her to leave without making arrangements for her dog, Arizona Central reported.

Authorities early Monday arrested Malzahn — who is the step son of Williams’ chief of police — in connection with a series of crimes in the area Sunday.

Arizona State University confirmed a man matching Malzahn’s description assaulted a student in her dorm.

Authorities believe the suspect then attempted a carjacking — the driver told police she was threatened by a man armed with a crowbar who…