Occupation: Account Services & Freelance Writer

Industry: Digital Marketing

Age: 39

Location: Longmont, CO

Paycheck (3): $4,700/mo includes salary and three freelance clients (side hustles)

Monthly Expenses

  • Rent: $900
  • Car loan: $275
  • Credit card payment: $450

All other expenses

  • Utilities: $225 on average
  • Phone: $65
  • Donations: $50
  • Health, Vision & Dental: $182
  • Streaming services: $18/mo

Additional Expenses

  • Pet Supplies: $325/mo, I have a dog that is on prescription food $$$ and I pay monthly “membership” for his vet care.
  • Yoga Studio: $79/mo

Savings: $3,194

401K: $8,200 (cashed out in 2008 when housing market tanked and I was working in new home construction. It’s taken a while to start contributing again!)

Roth IRA: $4,235

A Day in My Mint Money Diary

5:45 am – Wake up and walk the dog

6:00 am – I live in Mountain Time but work Eastern Standard hours. No coffee in the house means a quick run to Starbucks. Venti drip + 1 lb coffee beans ground for French Press. $17.06

6:15 am – Get gas in my car and buy 3 packs of cigarettes. I am being honest here and in order to be honest to myself, I have created a Mint category: “Cigarettes/Tobacco.” I…