Relentless Left, Retreating Republicans

Well, here we are in that last possible moment for healthcare reform under budget reconciliation. That simply means the GOP controlled Senate has until the end of this month, just a few days, to come to a consensus on a healthcare reform legislation that owns up to their promise. They had promised to repeal and replace Obamacare for, what, seven years or so? They had stated they just needed the House of Representatives…done. Then they decried, we need to have the US Senate…granted. Then they pleaded, please give us the White House…trifecta. And then Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said we had “excessive expectations”. That came from Senator McConnell while on August “recess”, something he promised wouldn’t happen if the GOP controlled Senate did not get its work done.

They have not.

And if this is supposedly part of the Trump agenda, you would not be able to tell from this past weekend. It appears that President Trump’s priorities are all about the NFL and the NBA, not pressing for a free market-based conservative solution to the known failures of Obamacare. President Trump continues to rail, rather simplistically, just send me something to sign, and everything to President Trump is a good bill. Well, that was at least what the House GOP thought until President Trump referred to their bill, which he had celebrated, as mean.

Through all of this, we see a relentless left of progressive socialists who are busy about creating chaos, violence, removing historical monuments and statues, and thumbing their nose at our rule of law. I just seem to wonder, who did win back on November 8th? It doesn’t seem that the GOP has won anything. Consider one Senator John McCain who has stated he will not vote for the Graham-Cassidy healthcare reform legislation. According to Senator McCain, he wants to see more, hmm, bipartisanship. Should I remind Senator McCain that after he so bungled his 2008 presidential election against Barack Obama, it was Obama who said, “I won”.

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Why is it that the GOP has the trifecta of majorities in the White House, control of many a gubernatorial mansion and state…