Most stocks pay dividends on a quarterly basis, but you can find equities that will pay you each month. If you reinvest dividends, you can grow a position more quickly by buying shares each month. For those who invest in dividend stocks for income to live on, monthly dividends make it easier to keep up with monthly bills.

Beware of companies that declare an aggressive monthly dividend simply to attract investors. Instead, look for companies that have a sustained history of making monthly dividend payments, along with a track record of sustainable revenue and income growth. (See also: What You Should Know About High-Yield Dividend Stocks.)

Below are our five top picks for reliable companies that pay monthly dividends. All figures given are current as of August 11, 2017.

1. Realty Income Corp.

) has been paying monthly dividends regularly since 1995. This is a real estate investment trust (REIT) with some 2,600 rental properties, primarily in the retail space. Revenues have grown steadily for the last four years, and income has remained positive throughout the same period.

The share price has been dropping since late April 2017, but is may have found support at around $54 per share. It has gone up to $57.11 as of this writing. Investors could see some growth along with income if the turnaround continues.

  • Avg. Volume: 1,696,464
  • Market Cap: 1$5.68 billion
  • PE Ratio (TTM): 49.76
  • EPS (TTM): 1.15
  • Dividend & Yield: 2.54 (4.43%)
  • 1y Target Est: 59.6

2. Shaw Communications Inc.

) has managed to grow its dividend for more than 10 years. This Canadian cable company currently pays a dividend of 4.37%.

The stock has been in an uptrend since December 2016, and has seen increased buying on high volume in 2017. It appeared to be forming a base at around $20 per share. It broke upward from that base, but fell sharply. It has since recovered and is moving upward.