Sound the duck whistles, Sadie Robertson wants a position in office!

The 20-year-old former Duck Dynasty star sat down with ET earlier this month, where she revealed getting into politics would be a real (duck) feather in her cap.

“I would love that,” Sadie gushed, “in whatever way I could.”

Sadie, who currently works as a motivational speaker, revealed she’s already taken steps towards achieving her political aspirations. “We actually just went to D.C. and took some classes from senators… they said, ‘We want you to shape the passion of your culture,’ and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s so cool,’” she reflected. “I liked being there and doing that.”

The brunette beauty summed up the “encouraging” experience in the nation’s capital by explaining, “If you’re going to be out in the spotlight, if you’re going to be leading in some capacity, might as well be leading in the right direction.”

Sadie’s first course of action? “Foreign aid, because that’s what I do. I go around the world and try to help our brothers and sisters in different countries.”

Politics aside, the young author and actress has several other professional goals. For one, she’d love to participate in a Dancing With the Stars all-star season “of course,…