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Washington (CNN)In normal times, President Donald Trump’s two-day sojourn to Paris would be a simple and uncomplicated mission.

Trump Jr. emails stir new conservative worries about White House
Trump Jr. emails stir new conservative worries about White House

Trump will serve as guest of honor at France’s Bastille Day national military parade on the 100th anniversary of America’s entry into World War I, invoking American triumphs abroad with a dash of pageantry that could help lift a struggling presidency and position him as a strong commander-in-chief.

His trip also offers the chance for Trump to forge a strong relationship with an increasingly influential world leader, France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron, and to embrace the ceremonial spurs of the presidency to show Americans back home that he is up to the job.

But this looks almost certain to become Trump’s third visit to Europe dominated by questions over the role Russia played in his election. This time, it’s the admission — via emails his son, Donald Trump Jr. released — that Trump Jr. set up a meeting last year with a woman he believed was a Russian government lawyer brandishing Kremlin dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The email exchange Trump Jr. released, in chronological order
The email exchange Trump Jr. released, in chronological order

If Trump, as scheduled, holds a press conference with Macron on Thursday, it’s almost certain he will be called upon — or volunteer — to address the meeting and the wider issue of alleged collusion with the Russians.

The President sought to get out ahead of that confrontation on Wednesday, telling Reuters in an interview that he did not know about the meeting when it took place last June.

“No, that I didn’t know until a couple of days ago when I heard about this,” he said.

It wouldn’t be the first time that the Russia drama has smudged out White House efforts to promote Trump’s global agenda.

His first trip to Europe in May was shadowed by questions about his failure to mention NATO’s principle of mutual self defense — questions lent added weight by his uncritical past statements about Russia.

Just last week, at the G20 summit in Germany, Trump saw his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin spoiled by differing US-Russia interpretations of discussions on election meddling. As the Russia intrigue deepened, the President has stayed out of view since returning home at the weekend with no public events set for three days.

A Republican source said Trump was angry that what he considered a successful visit to Poland and Germany last week was overshadowed by Russia. Now Russia headlines are likely proliferate once again.

What Macron hopes to achieve with Trump
What Macron hopes to achieve with Trump

Still, there are serious geopolitical issues at stake in Trump’s trip that could benefit from his attention and may yield progress. And his interaction with Macron will highlight a remarkable study in contrasts.

Macron, 39, came from nowhere politically and, like Trump, overturned establishment politics and got elected president. But with unexpected political dexterity, he abruptly changed the face of French politics in a way Trump, 71, has been unable to do in America, by winning a subsequent parliamentary election and injecting a mood of optimism after years of failed presidencies.