(CNN)President Donald Trump released a 98-page financial disclosure form Friday, detailing the broad outlines of his wealth but still leaving a number of unanswered questions about the specifics of not only Trump’s income but also the details of his vast holdings.

In short, Trump’s financial disclosure is nice. His tax returns — which he became the first presidential candidate in four decades to refuse to release — would be far better.

Trump voluntarily filed the disclosure forms with the Office of Government Ethics on Friday. He was not required to file the forms, which cover his earnings over the past 15 and a half months, until next spring. (Past presidents including Barack Obama and George W. Bush have also released them early, according to the Washington Post.)

Trump’s wealth, as documented in the report, is vast. He took in hundreds of millions of dollars in income over the past 15 months while carrying liabilities north of $300 million. (The Post estimated that Trump’s assets are worth at least $1.4 billion.)

Trump raked in $288 million from his golf courses alone; he made at least $37 million from Mar-a-Lago, his Florida resort and a frequent weekend stomping ground for the first family.

The big problem with financial disclosure forms is that they only require ranges of assets and liability — making it extremely difficult to get an accurate sense of what Trump true’s wealth is.

“Overall, Trump reported liabilities of at least $311 million — mortgages and loans. But the number could be much higher because he was required only to report a range in value for each loan.”

“Of the 16…