Kim Saylor, from Indianapolis, helps in holding up
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With a rainbow-colored Hulk Hand in one hand and a rainbow flag in the other, Teri Richard stood on the steps of Monument Circle on Sunday afternoon and beamed with pride.

She was taking a moment to herself just before the start of the Equality March for Unity and Pride, one of many being held around the nation in solidarity with the larger Equality March in Washington D.C.

As more and more people arrived to take part in the rally that delivered a message of equality for all, the Hobart native couldn’t contain her smile. She added that while the message is a forceful one, it is one delivered with compassion and a desire to empower all who hear it.

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“It’s a nonjudgmental movement based in love,” she said. “Things are very good, and have gotten much better over the years. So a lot of it is gratitude and passion, not anger.”

The focus of the Equality March is to mobilize the LGBTQ+ community and address concerns about how the current political climate is impacting the lives of marginalized groups.

Jason H. Nolen-Doerr, president of Indy Pride Inc., explained that the Equality March was started by someone who was inspired while watching the Women’s March in Washington.

“During that march he said, ‘You know, we need something like this for the LGBTQ+ community.’ So he created a Facebook page, and within 48 hours that…