The educational arm of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the ICC Academy, has launched an advanced-level e-course entitled “Digital Trade Finance and Fintechs.” The curriculum is aimed at professionals working in banks, corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies and financial technology (fintech) firms.

The proliferation of fintech start-ups in recent years has given rise to mounting opportunities, as the banking and financial sectors slowly begin to embrace digitalisation. With technological innovations fostering more and more interest, the demand for skilled practitioners has inevitably increased.

Commenting on this new movement, Global Head of Trade at Citi John Ahearn said: “As the further evolution of smarter working capital and liquidity management continues to evolve into a more digital environment, we are happy to see the industry taking focus. Education and training are critical steps toward helping develop credible and informed market participants.”

Taken independently or as an elective of the Certified Trade Finance Professional(CTFP) certification, the Digital Trade Finance and Fintechs e-course provides an overview of the…