Mortgage marketing can be tricky—Quicken Loans learned that last year when the Detroit company was hit with social backlash for over-simplifying the loan process in its first Super Bowl ad, earning comparisons to the subprime lending crisis of 2008. It’s something that weighs heavy on the mind of Casey Hurbis, Quicken’s new chief marketing officer.

Hurbis returned to his Detroit hometown in April after six years with Fiat, where he led the auto brand’s North American brand communications and advertising. Former Quicken CMO Jay Farner was promoted to CEO in February and Hurbis is now tasked with spearheading the company’s new confidence campaign to promote its Rocket Loan online product, which rolls out Monday.

“I don’t care if we’re selling mortgages or cars—when you’re making your first or second purchase decision in your life, there’s always scrutiny and hesitancy,” Hurbis said, noting that Quicken has a robust social response team to interact closely with clients.

In the new campaign,…