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Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver frequently attacked the other parties over their campaign fundraising in the recent election.

While BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver was insisting he was the only one of the three leaders running in the recent provincial election with “clean hands” when it came to campaign donations, his party was hitting up a prominent member of the Vancouver development community and major BC Liberal Party donor for a $30,000 contribution.

The Greens confirmed the overture occurred but said the person, whom they refused to name, turned them down. The party said it approached “three or four” people about the possibility of donating up to this amount.

Campaign finance reform was a major issue on the campaign trail, and a repeated talking point of Mr. Weaver, whose party does not accept corporate or union donations. The Greens advocate putting a strict cap on individual donations in line with what the federal government has: $1,500 per individual, per party.

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The Greens said the largest individual gift they received during the campaign was $20,000 from a person “whose family is related to the real estate industry.” The party said the donor refused to have their name released prior to it being made public this summer by Elections BC.

“Over the course of the campaign, there were four individuals who were asked for more than $10,000,” said Green spokeswoman Jillian Oliver. “And $30,000 was the upper limit of what we would ever be comfortable accepting.”

Ms. Oliver confirmed that Mr. Weaver spoke personally to some of the people the party was seeking larger amounts of money from, including the developer, but only “about our values and things like that.” He did not, the party insists, ask for a…