CNN’s Van Jones ripped President Trump and the “right wing media” for attacking Obama National Security Adviser for “doing her job.” Jones said Trump has declared Rice guilty of a crime with “zero facts.” He also explained why he believes Susan Rice deserves the Presidential Medal Of Freedom from Trump.

“What crime?” he asked on Wednesday’s broadcast of his CNN short The Messy Truth.

JONES: I want to talk about a couple other names in the news. Donald Trump, Susan Rice and Jared Kushner. Now with his usual zero facts and no evidence, President Trump today declared that Susan Rice is guilty of a crime. What crime? Didn’t say. And with the same zero facts he says that Bill O’Reilly is innocent. I’m going to get to Bill later in the show but let me say a couple words about Susan Rice. The right wing media wants to burn Susan Rice at the stake for doing her job. That’s it. Susan Rice was our National Security Adviser.

Jones said those ‘unmasked’ through Rice’s surveillance were “sketchy people doing possibly sketchy thing.”

“It doesn’t mean revealing that to the world. That would be illegal,” Jones said.

Jones said that Rice didn’t reveal the names to the public, she revealed them to herself at her desk “so [she] can do a better job advising the president.”

Jones also said…