House Speaker Paul Ryan said the United States has a “special responsibility” to stop Russian attempts to influence elections across the globe.

In a sit-down interview with “CBS This Morning” on Thursday — one of his first since pulling the plug on a replacement to Obamacare last Friday — Ryan discussed Russia’s election meddling, the infighting on the House Intelligence Committee and the botched health care bill.

Ryan’s statements about Russia come as FBI Director James Comey stated he wanted to make the country’s influence on the U.S. election public as early as last summer — only to be blocked by the Obama administration.

The Republican said he, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer warned secretaries of state in a letter, “Heads up, be on the watch out, something is happening. Guard your data.”

“So we all knew this before the election,” he said. “We all knew, Russia was trying to meddle with our election. And we already know right now they are trying to do it with other countries.”

On Wednesday, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee said they believed Russia was trying to influence the upcoming French election.

Ryan weighed in on Russia’s influence on European elections and infighting on the House Intelligence Committee.

(Win McNamee)

Ryan said the U.S. has a duty to stop Russia from influencing European elections.

“So the nation, the world super power, the American government needs to do everything we possibly can not only to undercut what they are trying to do but to uncover what they are trying to do and help our allies prevent this from happening,” Ryan said. “Because with Russia trying to influence elections in Eastern Europe and Europe, around the globe I think we have a special responsibility given our capabilities to make sure we help our allies guard against this meddling by Russia in their elections just like they tried to with our election.”

Ryan’s globalist statements are a departure from the Trump administration’s “America First” approach…