The Progressively Frightening Totalitarian and Judgmental Left

The left has done a 180 since its free speech heyday of the 1960s. What used to be anything goes, and protecting the First Amendment right to say controversial things, has morphed into a treacherous map of what you can and cannot say. Universities, which were once a bastion of free speech, have now become the most hostile areas of all. If you do not agree with the left — even if you are on the left — expect to be savagely targeted. You could lose your job, your career, and reputation over just one social media post. Not to mention being bombarded with vitriolic, threatening emails. Left-wing comedians now avoid performing comedy routines on university campuses. Conservative speakers are violently stopped from speaking engagements there.

Conservatives now walk on eggshells throughout society, just one tweet away from having their lives destroyed. The rise of social media has made it easy for the left to monitor everyone on the right. Since some successful conservative pundits as well as anonymous social media accounts get away with tweeting politically incorrect statements, others feel a false sense in comfort in engaging similarly, sometimes merely retweeting the remarks. But the reality is, for most of us, something you post could end up on the front page of the newspaper the next day. The private comfort of your home where you post on social media is deceptive.

The left used to accuse the right of being authoritarian and judgmental, due to laws against abortion, drug use and frowning upon sexual promiscuity. Fifty years later, the right has been proven right in those arenas, which were never anywhere near the level of an authoritarian society but merely common sense. Ever advancing technology confirms a baby is terminated during an abortion, it is not some mindless clump of tissue. The emotional strife abortions leave mothers and fathers with is often devastating, haunting them the rest of their lives. Drug use is not a victimless crime, and causes all kinds of harm to the abuser, including increasing their likelihood of becoming a burden on society. Sexual promiscuity is also not victimless, leading to broken families, unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

The less-churched left frequently takes one verse out of the New Testament and shakes it at the right, “Judge not lest ye be judged,” from Matthew 7:1. Yet Jesus didn’t mean to excuse every possible action. He meant that criticizing someone else must be done the right way. Jesus further explained in the next verse, which liberals leave out, “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.”

Out of one side of their mouths, the left shuts down opposing viewpoints with Matthew 7:1. Only the left is allowed to be the final arbiter of what constitutes judgmentalism (it’s easy — anything that comes…