Much will be said over the next few days about President Donald Trump’s 77-minute press conference. He responded to questions about ties to Vladimir Putin’s regime and growing perceptions of chaos inside the White House; and he had more fighting words for the media and the intelligence community. But one of the most important parts of his epic rant seems to have gone unnoticed. It happened when Trump unloaded on CNN reporter Jim Acosta for the tone of criticism he’s been receiving from the press these past months, a tone that is influencing everyday interactions between seemingly normal Americans: “The tone is such hatred… such hatred and venom. I watch it, and I’m amazed by it.”

Trump, never much of wordsmith, nailed a change nobody is talking about. That’s because in 2017, the old adage that “all politics is local” has been replaced by a new one – that all politics are personal. In 2017, the traditional distractions from the realities of life like TV and social media are no escape – they’re bulging with political content – while day-to-day water cooler talk is more about bashing the President than the office boss.

For those in public life who are brave enough to voice support for Trump, their punishment is, as Trump said, “brutal.” First Daughter Ivanka’s brand has been dropped by Nordstrom’s, NFL icons Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have taken a beating for admitting their coziness with the President, and Uber is now a boycott target for failing to match Lyft’s $1 million pro-immigrant ACLU donation and for its CEO’s brief tenure on Trump’s Economy Advisory Council.

The same thing is happening to anyone in private life who even dares to be neutral on Trump. The message is clear: if you don’t hate Donald Trump, you are evil, racist, and ignorant. Liberals have doubled-down on labeling everyone who doesn’t feel like they do as “deplorables” and continue to vilify those who see the world differently.

To be fair, Trump has given the country many reasons to be concerned. If you are worried about Russia, you know that. If you have disabilities or are of Mexican descent, you know that. And if you are a woman who has been harassed, a former POW, a member of a Gold Star family, or a Muslim, you have reason to feel personally offended by the President.

But instead of focusing their outrage on the Trump, liberal America, led by an overwhelmingly liberal press, has hurled volumes of anger at neighbors whose sin was to disagree politically. In so doing, liberals are the ones acting…