Practical Fintech: 5 Best Personal Finance Apps of 2017

According to the statistics, people waste up to 30 percent of their incomes simply because they do not control them. And by controlling we understand writing the expenses down, keeping them in a notebook, charts on PC or as fintech would suggest – having an app designated for it.

Cointelegraph introduces five popular apps for keeping your expenses in order. The selection was made according to the amount of downloads and rates of the users.

The creams of personal finances apps you could ever encounter are presented by some peculiar characters. Are you more like Louis or Taylor, or maybe you have some resemblance with Misha’s attitude to counting down your money?

Find yourself in these five types of personal finance app users and choose any. Detailed information, nice visualization or more analytical features, they are all here at your disposal. Whatever app you choose, brings you closer to the perfection on a way to keep your balance positive.

Mayvio Budget – a sleek way to budget

Who should use it: old school users, nostalgic iPhone 2 lovers and simple design appreciators.

Saara always loved to keep all the receipts in one folder; she even found it exciting, to say the least. So her story of keeping debit and credit clear has started a long time ago when she earned the first dollar. First, it was a sort of accountant book, then Excel and now she switched to an app reminding her of the old times. That is why she picked the Mayvio Budget app.

The interface of iPhone 2 makes you feel like you are a decade back in time but for Saara, it gives the feeling of security and is indeed soothing.

Hitting the + Add button brings you to the tab where you can choose whether to add income (green field) or expense (red field), add the amount, choose the date (if the transaction was made earlier) and write the comment. There are no presets for the categories, so everything you input you need to describe manually in the comment field. The way to add income does not come naturally: you need to hit the wallet icon of Cash and choose the Other incomes from the list.

The good thing is that you can add recurring expenses in the app and it will remind you about them. Also, the report of the financial statistics of the month is not overloaded with information, just the two slices of the pie chart. Clicking one of them you get the actual list of incomes and expenses made during the selected month.

In general, the Mayvio app is the digitalized version for a personal accounting notepad. The popularity of the app says that it is not all those fancy and designer interfaces that rule the world of fintech. There is still a great share of users who like it the hard way and who want to take control in their own financial statement.

CoinKeeper – keep your coins safe

Who should use it: control freaks, freelancers, people who have many sources of incomes and not just one job.

Louis is a very fastidious guy. He always looks neat, talks flowers of speech and just loves abundance in everything. Including information of all sort.

To keep his personal finances under his rigorous control he uses CoinKeeper app. There he can indulge in all sorts of categories and income source creation to his taste. You would not be surprised he has plenty, would you?

CoinKeeper allows to create various icons for Incomes including cash, bank transfers and other sorts of benefits and Spendings subcategories, so all that you would need is to drag one of the income pictograms to the expenditure one to “swallow” it. The sound of coins ringing is so realistic that it actually makes you acknowledge: the money has gone. Dzing!

After this manipulation, you should actually input how much of…