Hypocrisy abounds in today’s politics: Sam R. Hall.
Those who supported Republicans blocking former President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee but are incredulous about Democrats threatening to do the same to President Donald Trump’s nominee are simply hypocrites.
Those who were incredulous at Republicans blocking Obama’s nominee but are now screaming for Democrats to do the same to Trump’s nominee are no better.
If Democrats don’t, the argument goes, then Republicans will continue to run over them.
Then there’s the argument that Judge Neil M. Gorsuch is an awful pick and therefore Democrats should block him.
That said, this is an argument over judicial philosophy, not competence or fitness to assume the bench.
A third argument is that Democrats would simply be using the rules of the Senate and therefore well within their rights.
That said, if Democrats do use a filibuster to block (or attempt to block) the nomination, Republicans would be ill-advised — and equally hypocritical — if they deploy the so-called “nuclear option.”
When used honorably, the filibuster can give minority voices the opportunity to be heard on important issues.
What we have now is a spiteful, mean-spirited sometimes despicable system that at its core is the desire to not only win but to crush the other side in doing so.