Some people call it moonlighting. Others call it a “hobby that pays.” Whatever you call your side hustle, it’s not just something that can bring in a little extra cash. A side hustle can be a valuable addition to your main career, giving you skills and connections you would never normally acquire.

So the big question is, if you don’t yet have a side hustle…will these eight benefits inspire you to get one? (See also: 15 Ways to Make Money Outside Your Day Job)

1. Learn Valuable Project-Juggling Skills

Handling several projects at once may well be part of your current career. However, once you add in the additional work from your side hustle, you go from being a moderate juggler to a master of the art.

With a side job, your schedules might clash. And when that happens, you can’t really tell your boss that you can’t do the work because you have an extracurricular project on your plate. With a main career and a side hustle, you become an expert in time management and scheduling. You also learn, quite quickly, how much you can take on without burning out. These are all skills that will do you well in your main career.

2. Enjoy More Freedom at Work

A side job means additional money that isn’t coming from your main career. While this has many benefits (the more different streams of revenue you have, the better), it also gives you something other people in the same role may not have — freedom.

The lure of money, or a promotion, can often make people do things they wouldn’t like to do, but will anyway because of the need for additional income. If you already have that additional money from another source, you can say no to some of the projects you aren’t interested in. You can speak up in meetings without fearing that your pay raise may be on the line. In fact, some people have discovered that this actually helps their career, with their newfound ability to be honest and confident actually helping them get a raise or promotion they otherwise would have missed out on.

3. Stand Out From the Crowd

This is a hirer’s market, in almost every industry. Demand for jobs is outpacing supply, and when that happens, you quickly become engaged in a battle to be noticed. Why you? Why your resume? There are dozens, if not hundreds, to choose from.

Well, a side hustle can add much needed diversity and drive to your list of skills. Think about it. Two very similar people come for an interview, say for an account executive position. One has the usual skills, and the typical career path. The other has the same, but then you notice that they also have written articles for an industry magazine, and given speeches at major marketing events. On top of that, they have their own successful drop shipping…