Retiring abroad can be a great way to secure a fun and affordable lifestyle for years to come. Of course, you’ll need to plan out some important logistics if you think retiring overseas might be right for you. It helps that some countries have very welcoming policies for U.S. retirees who are looking to relocate.

Some things to consider when choosing a location include residency requirements, taxes, property ownership laws, and health care options. You’ll also want to choose a place that allows you to do the activities you’re interested in and offers you the quality of life you’re looking for. (See also: Retire for Half the Cost in These 5 Countries)

Here are five excellent countries for Americans to retire in.

1. Mexico

Mexico has many advantages going for it, which might explain why there are already a million U.S. citizens retired there. In fact, it has the largest established American expat community of anywhere in the world.

Its proximity to the United States makes it easy to visit home. There’s no shortage of direct flights to the U.S., and airfare is generally affordable. You can enter the country on a tourist visa that lasts for six months and then later apply for a temporary or permanent retiree visa. You will have to meet certain income or asset requirements to get one of these visas.

Mexico offers a vibrant culture, sun-soaked beaches, scenic highlands, delicious cuisine, and beautiful colonial architecture that all contribute to an enjoyable retirement here. Depending on what kind of community and lifestyle you choose, Mexico’s cost of living can be a fraction of that north of the border.

While relocating to Mexico is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your Spanish skills, you should also know that there are many English speakers that can help make your transition as smooth as possible.

2. Cambodia

If you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck, you may want to look to Cambodia, which has the best cost of living for U.S. expats, according to You can find a rental apartment for as little as $250 a month and eat out at a restaurant…