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Hillary Clinton (l) took a swipe at Trump’s irate tweet ‘SEE YOU IN COURT’ Photograph: ANDREW GOMBERT / JIM LO SCALZO/EPA Video report: block on Trump’s travel ban will remain, appeal court rules

Another day, another Trump tweet.

On Thursday, judges in the ninth circuit court of appeals upheld a temporary restraining order on Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban on arrivals from seven Muslim-majority countries. In response, almost immediately after the ruling was announced, the president tweeted (with caps lock engaged):

And because we live in the darkest timeline, there was even a special Instagram version of “see you in court” on Trump’s official account. In caps too, obviously:

For some, “see you in court” was a bit baffling, given that Trump had just lost in, er, court.

It’s likely that he meant a supreme court appeal, but either way, that didn’t stop mockers from turning “SEE YOU IN COURT” into a meme:


Fixed that for you.@realDonaldTrump SEE YOU…