Who, me lie? Source businessinsider.com

Donald Trump’s lies are already legendary, and as they mount daily, fuel his presidential illegitimacy in ways no others can: lies fuel voter mistrust, disapproval (of which Trump has record high levels entering the presidency) and increasingly detract from their perception of his presidential legitimacy. Remember Richard Nixon?

An important, dangerous fallout, however, is that the lies provide yet more distractions from important stories for the puppy dog pack of mainstream media, infused with giddy happiness as they chase every lying ball Trump tosses.


SNL Covers The Big Story, as Mainstream Media Act Like Silly Puppies – Wondering who covered the big story this weekend on one of the biggest problems confronting our survival? SNL did, but not the puppies, who were teething on Trump’s latest lies. screencapture at youtube.com

Thus, the post inaugural Sunday shows were not about the latest NOAA report noting the calamitous upswing in global warming (record high levels of heat for the past 3 years – oops, was that news to you?), but rather Trump’s latest lies about just how many attended his inauguration.

What to do? Yo, media, wake up and smell the coffee. Trump’s lies aren’t news! We all know that, based on his psychological makeup, they will increase with time. More importantly, they will increasingly undermine voters’ and other countries’ confidence in him, and undermine the legitimacy of his presidency and our country. Now, THAT’s news that should be covered, and presumably will, in due time.


A Growing Nose Isn’t Accurate Enough – to estimate Trump’s increasing lies, and ultimately one runs out of space trying to show it. Source conservativepapers.com

In the meantime, the media can easily – and briefly – report on his lies using the handy, dandy method of estimating Trump’s lying rate presented here, and then setting up an estimated Trump lie counter on their websites. Alas, no one appears to…