Troops and families have one more way to shore up their finances, thanks to personal finance expert Suze Orman.

She’s volunteered her services to help educate service members and their families on the basics of making the right choices with their money.

Orman has signed an agreement with the Army, but notes that her online course will be also be free to service members and families in other branches of service. The course, which normally costs $54, is available at The activation code for the free course is USA.

This is not her first foray into helping those in the military with their finances. Orman has provided the program to those in the Army Reserve component. She said she hopes to have agreements with all the branches of service.

“This is not a financial partnership where I’m getting paid, or they pay my travel. All of this is really on me,” said Orman, who announced the partnership at the Pentagon Jan. 4 with Patrick Murphy, the undersecretary of the Army. Orman is not charging troops and families for the service, nor is she charging the Army. She also hopes to visit military bases and hold seminars for troops and families.

In her volunteer work for the Army Reserve, Orman has done speaking engagements on military bases as well as a video informational series on various personal finance topics. The series is being broadcast on seven Armed Forces Network satellite channels through mid-2018, said Jamal Beck, a spokesman for the office of the chief of Army Reserve, calling it a “proven program.”

The Army Reserve signed an agreement with Orman last spring.

“To see someone like Suze who is willing to give of her time for free to our soldiers and their families is a pretty incredible partnership that we’re announcing today,” Murphy said. He said the Army Reserve’s efforts to improve financial literacy of its soldiers inspired his efforts to do the same for active-duty soldiers, civilians and their families.

“There comes a time in life when everybody has to serve their country, and they have to serve those that are giving us our freedom,” Orman said,…