Don’t drive much throughout the year? Your wallet may be in luck, in more ways than one. Pay-as-you-drive car insurance plans (also known as usage-based car insurance plans) can provide a money-saving solution for drivers who don’t drive often. Each month, your rate will vary based on how much you drive. The less you drive, the more you’ll save.

How Does the Plan Work?

These unique auto insurance options work a bit like pay-per-minute cellphone plans, where you’re only charged for what you use. In order to accurately determine how much you’re driving, you will receive a small wireless device that plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-II port. This will alert your insurance company to how many miles you drove, so they can determine your monthly bill.

Who Qualifies?

Pay-as-you-go insurer Metromile estimates that if you drive less than 200 miles per week, you can save money with their pay-per-mile insurance plans. They also found that if you drive less than 5,000 miles a year, you could pay 40%–50% less than you would with a traditional insurance plan. In fact, they estimate that 65% of drivers are overpaying for their insurance. These types of plans are especially beneficial to drivers who don’t drive very often and people who are paying high insurance rates due to their age or credit history.

How the Pricing Works

Once you enroll, you will pay a low monthly base rate, plus a charge per mile of driving. Through Metromile, if you…