WASHINGTON — The Latest on President Barack Obama’s year-end news conference (all times EST):

7 p.m.

The Senate intelligence committee says it will conduct a thorough, bipartisan investigation and hold hearings about what led to the Obama administration’s Oct 7 statement that the Russian government directed hacking of political sites.

Chairman Richard Burr of North Carolina says, “The committee will follow the intelligence wherever it leads.”

California Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House intelligence committee, says his committee’s ongoing oversight into the hacking has been stymied because the intelligence agencies have not provided information to the committee. Nunes says he is “alarmed that supposedly new information continues to leak to the media but has not been provided to Congress.”

Nunes said the committee has planned visits to the FBI, NSA, CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency in January to further investigate the hacking issue.


4:10 p.m.

President Barack Obama says he won’t express an opinion on whether electors should receive a briefing on Russian involvement in the U.S. election before they cast ballots at meetings across the country Monday.

He says, “It’s the American people’s job, and now the electors’ job to decide my successor.”

The president describes the electoral college as a “vestige” and a “carry-over” from history. But he says that if politicians have a strong message the popular vote and electoral college vote should align.

Obama adds that there’s “no silver bullet” or “easy fix” to explain Donald Trump’s surprise victory and increased political partisanship.

Obama is speaking at his annual year-end news conference.


The quotation in this item has been corrected to say “now the electors’ job” instead of “not the electors’ job.”


4 p.m.

President Barack Obama says he’s advised Donald Trump to “think it through” before making any changes to the “one-China” policy.

Trump has said he wouldn’t feel bound by the decades-old policy in which the U.S. recognizes Taiwan as part of China.

The “one-China” policy became an issue after Trump broke decades of diplomatic protocol by having a telephone conversation with Taiwan’s president.

Obama says he told Trump to have his full team in place and be fully briefed on issues before considering any changes.

Obama said at his year-end news conference that the Taiwan issue is of utmost importance to the Chinese, and how they react to any potential change could be very significant.


3:50 p.m.

President Barack Obama is stopping short of saying President Vladimir Putin himself orchestrated the Russian hacking of U.S. political sites during the election. But he is confirming that it was done at the highest levels of the Kremlin.

Obama says not much happens in Russia without a nod from Putin. He says he will let the public decide whether there were rogue high-level Russian officials acting without Putin’s knowledge.

Obama also says he wants to give the intelligence community a chance to issue a report on the hacking before the end of his administration. But he cautions that some information will be classified because disclosing it would divulge the way in which the U.S. has been able to collect the intelligence.


3:45 p.m.

President Barack Obama is criticizing Republicans for warming to Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying, “Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave.”

He says Republicans are falling victim to efforts by Russia to weaken American democracy.

Obama is citing a new survey showing that more than one-third of Republicans view Putin favorability. That’s up from just 10 percent in July 2014.

The president is speaking at his annual year-end press conference. Much of his appearance has been dedicated to discussing Russia’s involvement in hacks of the Democratic National Committee and a top Clinton campaign staffer.


3:35 p.m.

President Barack Obama briefly paused his year-end news conference after an unidentified woman began to feel ill and medical help arrived.

Obama sought help getting his doctor to come to…