Everyone with the exception of the clinically insane at this point is thrilled with the appointments of President-Elect Donald Trump to his Cabinet and other high level posts, primary among them certain retired members of the U.S. military.

That would include General James Mattis, known by the sobriquet :”Mad Dog,” which he reputedly does not like, so striving to keep the Mad Dog happy, we will instead call him by his other nickname, the “Warrior Monk.” General Mattis is a retired four star general of the U.S. Marines, of which he was a member for 40 years, and was considered by just about everyone to be the best of the best in his roles within this magnificent group. Also a recognized intellectual and scholar, if confirmed he would be the highest-ranked military official to ever lead the Pentagon. General Mattis consistently displayed his strategic and operational genius as a Marine general, but also manifests the “bluntness, clarity, and single-minded focus on warfighting” and military strategy that is necessary in effectively running the U.S. Defense Department. The DOD secretary’s job is by necessity unfortunately political in nature as well, and it is thought that the bureaucratic necessities that are involved are thought do not play to the General’s strengths. With that, the Warrior Monk has captured the already captured the imagination of the American people, and clearly has the confidence and support of his President.

General Michael Flynn was the first appointment of these three Generals by President-Elect Trump, as his National Security Advisor. This is a position that does not need Senate confirmation, which is thought to be a good thing, as this is perhaps the most controversial of the three such military appointments by Mr. Trump at this point. Having served as the head of the Joint Special Operations Command, General Flynn is known as “an iconoclast whose record of scorched-earth leadership at the JS OC and (his other leadership position), the Defense Intelligence Agency, does not augur well” for future such positions. Thus far, Flynn’s greatest success was considered to be “the building of the Joint Special Operations intelligence machine.” It was thought that Flynn also succeeded at the JSOC because of the “unique battlefield conditions of his job, his narrow mandate and his incredible leadership capabilities.” which helped knit together the “team of teams” that JSOC became. As additional information, General Flynn served as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 2012 to 2014, and during the entirety of the tenure in this influential post was never called into a meeting by the President at the time, Barack Obama.

General John Kelly is President-Elect Trump’s appointment for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. General Kelly is the longest serving Marine General in the history…