I was compelled to write this since I didn’t know what else to do and couldn’t think of a way to help:

It was the summer of 2019. The sky was spotless, and the ground was full of people. They were crowded around a small cage, which held a boy of maybe six or seven. The crowd parted like a sea as President Donald Trump appeared, holding a minigun. He looked at his insignificant hands and sighed. I asked for a mini-gun and they give me this! My own secret service is compromised – they’ll pay for this, believe me.

His skin radiated like a beautiful New York sunset. It was time for the final test of his fans’ loyalty. He closed his eyes for just a second, and the chants of his own supporters, as well as the chants of the three million protestors some distance away, all dissolved into nothingness.

He finally worked up the courage, as he had so many times before. His heart pounding and his voice quivering, he called, ‘Dad.’ Fred Trump continued to read his precious newspaper. Maybe he didn’t hear Donny. This time, he inhaled deeper. ‘DAD.’ He was almost in tears. This time, Fred looked at Donny and scoffed.

From somewhere, a new bravery swelled up in him. One hand caressing his LEGO set, he said ‘I want you to help me make one of your huge buildings.’

Fred suddenly had a look of utter contempt. ‘How many times have I told you not to disturb me while reading. I bought you the LEGO so you wouldn’t bother me. I can’t believe this f-‘ Donny was already halfway across the room, his hands balled up into fists. As he reached the giant door, he made a futile attempt to slam it shut, but was interrupted first by its weight and then by a butler, who swiftly picked him up and transported him to Donny’s room. Saying nothing, the butler closed the door. He heard the keys turn, followed by a small “click”. He felt nothing except the tears on his face.

President Donald Trump opened his eyes. He was now surrounded by adoring fans. The past few years had been a whirlwind, and he was a rockstar who could do no wrong. Tens of thousands of people always showed up, just to cheer for him and show him unconditional love. New bravery swelled up in him with each round of applause, each retweet and each second…