As increasingly protectionist rhetoric and trade policies from the White House spark retaliation overseas, fears over an impending global trade war have shaken up the market, sending shares of some of 2017’s highest-flying companies such as Boeing Co. (BA

) on a downward spiral. While investors gear up for another bumpy quarter, one team of analysts on the Street recommends buying shares of companies with large domestic sales exposure during this period of heightened global trade tensions. (See also: 5 Stocks Poised to Win in a Down Market.)

On Wednesday, a day after the Trump administration detailed its list of Chinese imports it plans to slap with tariffs, China announced its own tariffs on 106 U.S. products ranging from soybeans and cars to aerospace and defense. Many of America’s biggest exporters saw their stock prices fall early on Wednesday, just as analysts at Goldman Sachs had warned in a note to clients back in July.

“One potential risk to our central…