By JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images.

In 2005, The New York Times featured Donald and Melania Trump’s then-impending nuptials in a story about how when it comes to product placement, weddings are the new movies. It’s an idea that seems almost quaint on this side of the Instagram filter, but it opened with a discussion of a discounted 15-carat Graff wedding ring, which Trump had claimed he got half-off in exchange for publicity. “Only a fool would say, ‘No thank you, I want to pay a million dollars more for a diamond,’” Trump told the paper.

On Thursday, however, 13 years into the Trump marriage, Graff Diamonds has denied that this deal was ever struck. Laurence Graff, the jeweler’s chairman, told Forbes that Trump’s claim was not true. Graff said the company did Trump “no [favors],” though the current president was “a pleasure to do business with.” Company’s C.F.O. Nicholas Paine reiterated, “We don’t sell items for publicity value.” A third source with knowledge of the transaction told Forbes, “He paid for [the ring] in full, and he paid immediately.” The great dealmaker has struck again.

Graff did place its product on The Apprentice in November 2004. A winning team of second season contestants received $50,000 to spend at the New York location as a reward at the end of an episode (the top…