Alexandria Duval was acquitted of murder in the 2016 death of her sister. Duval was accused of deliberately driving off a cliff in Hawaii. After finding no probable cause, a judge released Duval. Later she was indicted by a grand jury and arrested in Albany, N.Y. The photo shows her in Albany County Court.

The Hana Highway in Maui is a popular Hawaiian tourist attraction. Lush scenery and multiple waterfalls dot the road that connects Kahului with Hana.

While it’s only about 52 miles from Kahului to Hana, it takes roughly 2.5 hours to make that trip without stopping.

The highway, and it’s not a highway in the traditional sense, is very narrow and very winding.

There are multiple guidebooks that alert tourists where to stop along the way and offer tips and checklists.

But witnesses along the road say that Alexandria Duval and her identical twin sister Anastasia Duval were fighting over control of the steering wheel while maneuvering along the sometimes treacherous road.

The Associated Press reports authorities described the May 2016 crash as a “hair-pulling fight” over the steering wheel.

“Authorities said Alexandria was behind the wheel of a…