Fat banker

It is not ok to be fat when you work in finance or a professional services firm. As an academic study in 2016 confirmed: these are industries where you are judged on your appearance. If you’re thin and athletic and participate in long distance bike rides, you will be judged positively. If you’re fat and sedentary, you will not.

The problem clearly is that losing weight isn’t easy in an industry where it’s common to spend between 70 and 80 hours each week at your desk. And yet, this is the time of year when most people in banking are at least trying to do just that.

We spoke to a selection of people across markets and investment banking divisions about their methods for shedding post-holiday kilos. Their advice was as varied as the human physique. We can’t vouch for the success of any of the methods below, but if you try them you can at least rest assured that someone else somewhere else in finance is trying the same thing.

Competitive weight loss

Banking is a competitive industry and it’s therefore inevitable that weight loss in banking will have a competitive element, particularly on the trading floor. “My desk has a weight loss competition over six weeks in January,” says one trader in London. “The…