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A meeting of the Senate Finance Committee considered a draft of the tax plan last week.

Matthew Walther in The Week:

Mr. Walther is not sure the tax plan before the Senate is going to pass, much less be signed — in its current state. However, the bill’s critics, he argues, are overstating their case. “Trickle-down economics doesn’t create the broad base of wealth its bow-tied architects imagine,” he writes, “but it’s not clear that it always destroys it either.” Read more »


Ned Ryun in The Hill:

Mr. Ryun is disappointed that the current tax overhaul plan does not do more to cut taxes for middle-income families. He puts the majority of the blame for the corporation-friendly tax code at the feet of Steven Mnuchin, the secretary of the Treasury, and Gary D. Cohn, the director of the National Economic Council. Both are Goldman Sachs alumni who perhaps wanted to “to help their chums back on Wall Street.” Read more »


David Frum in The Atlantic:

Mr. Frum says he believes that the United States needs to lower its corporate tax rates. But he is worried that, given how unpopular the…