GOP mailer for Nov. 7 Pa. judicial elections.

Too often in politics you see stuff that makes you think, yes, right there, that’s exactly the kind of thing turning people off.

You think it’s cheap and easy. You get dispirited or angry. You wonder what happened to decency and truth.

Politics, in the age of Trump and social media, no matter your view of either, seeks your ire over flags and statues; it wants you to embrace simplistic, often misleading mush.

Take two items in recent days: one R, one D.

A mailer from the state Republican Party to voters in the Nov. 7 judicial elections features a saluting soldier silhouetted against the flag. It says, “Vote For Judges Who Share Our Values And Stand For The Flag …Vote Republican.”

What? There are judges or candidates for judge who don’t stand for the flag? I don’t remember seeing anyone in robes or seeking a judgeship taking a knee.

State GOP chairman Val DiGiorgio tells me the mailer “was a message to our voters. … It was a positive mailer and we stand behind it.”

He invoked controversy over NFL athletes and the anthem, and took a swipe at Democratic Supreme Court candidate Dwayne Woodruff of Allegheny County.

In a statement, he said Woodruff “lacks the courage to buck the far left wing of his party when it comes to the misguided and disrespectful act of highly paid athletes. We call on all Pennsylvanians to reject liberal judge candidates who will not defend our flag.”

Oh, brother.

Democratic Party Chairman Marcel Groen calls the mailer “disturbing” and…