The job market is always evolving, and as some occupations lose popularity, others gain an edge. But remember: Regardless of the field you’re in, having certain career skills can make a difference in your success. Knowing which qualities are most in-demand can be helpful as you carve out your career path.

The Job and Skills Trends

Through 2024, healthcare-related occupations, including home health aides, registered nurses and nursing assistants, will see a boom in job growth and median annual wages, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projections. Education, professional services and finance are also expected to see positive growth. (See Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries in the United States.)

Many of the highest-paying jobs are positions that require a significant amount of education, professional training and advanced skills. The list of the best-paying jobs for 2017 includes familiar standbys like physicians, patent attorneys and pharmacists, as well as tech-focused jobs like software engineering managers, software architects and data architects, all of which have a median base salary of $100,000 or more, according to Glassdoor.

So which career skills will improve your chances of success in these fields?

Tech Skills Are Highly Valued Across Multiple Industries

Tech skills are a hot commodity among employees, but their application isn’t limited to the tech industry. A number of career paths are suited to tech-savvy workers, including finance, healthcare, marketing and human resources. Possessing a technical skill set can lead to higher-paying positions.

A joint analysis by MONEY and PayScale zeroed in on the tech skills that employers seek most often across more than 350 industries. The most prized tech skills currently include:

  • big data capabilities, including data mining and modeling
  • software management and development
  • Cloud skills
  • mobile development

Research from ITCareerFinder suggests that these tech skills are equally important to have in 2017:

  • technical support skills
  • Web development
  • database administration

While these skills are relevant to roles…