PORTLAND, Ore. — Among the thousands of students who will graduate Portland State University this weekend, some are undocumented immigrants.

While they celebrate graduation, they endure a political climate in which they feel like their future status in the United States is unknown.

Mariana Garcia Medina is finishing college with a degree in political science. This summer, she will be working for Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish. The graduating senior says her degree is for her parents.

“They sacrificed everything for me to come to the United States and to allow me to have an education and a better life, and safety,” said Garcia Medina.

Nearly 20 years ago, Garcia Medina’s parents brought her from Mexico City to Tigard. She eventually graduated Tigard High School and began studies at Portland State.

Along the way, Garcia Media was awarded DACA status. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an Obama-era policy that provides…