“This is our first Cabinet meeting with the entire Cabinet present. The confirmation process has been record-setting long — and I mean record-setting long — with some of the finest people in our country being delayed and delayed and delayed.”
— President Trump, remarks at Cabinet meeting, June 12, 2017

President Trump made a number of dubious claims when speaking to the media at a photo opportunity with his Cabinet, many of which we have covered before. For instance, he claimed he has accomplished more than any president at this point in time, with the possible exception of Franklin D. Roosevelt. We had earlier knocked him for suggesting he had bested FDR — perhaps he read our fact check — but he still has no major legislative achievement under his watch. He also once again claimed he had scored $350 billion in business deals in Saudi Arabia, a claim that falls apart under scrutiny.

But let’s not dwell on the negative. Here is something he said that’s correct.

The Facts

Trump’s full Cabinet was filled on April 27. Technically, that’s one day sooner than Barack Obama in 2009. But that’s largely because Obama had to start over for two Cabinet posts, including two misfires for secretary of commerce.

What’s more interesting is that the median wait between nomination and Senate vote for Trump was 25 days, according to data collected by our colleagues Kevin Schaul and Kevin Uhrmacher. By contrast, Obama’s nominees faced a median wait of two days, George W. Bush had a median wait of zero days and Bill Clinton had a median wait of 1 day.

Those presidents were blessed with Senate control by their own party. George H.W. Bush, by contrast, faced a Senate run by Democrats — and his nominees faced a median wait of 13 days.

Trump, of course, also has a Senate controlled by his party. But he also nominated many very wealthy nominees with highly complex financial portfolios, leading the federal ethics watchdog to warn it