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Hizzoner continues to lock horns with state Republicans over mayoral control of city schools.

ALBANY — The de Blasio administration is accusing state Senate Republicans of engaging in “politics at its absolute worst” when it comes to an expiring law giving the mayor control over the city schools.

The law is set to expire later this month and Team de Blasio is accusing the Senate GOP of once again putting the mayor through the wringer with repeated requests for information they say has already been provided.

“It’s the song and dance that we need to do and it’s getting old,” said de Blasio spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein.

The city in May sent more than 4,400 pages of city school data that Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, in a letter last week, said did not meet the legal requirement imposed by the state — something the city disputes.

“To say that this is anything more than politics at its absolute worst would be putting it kindly,” Goldstein said. “We have clearly delivered on everything required by law and the additional requests made by the (state Division of Budget).”

With time running out to renew the mayoral control law, de Blasio’s team sent additional data on Wednesday — the same day Flanagan sent a second letter “demanding” the information.

“There are 1.1 million students in New York City whose quality of education rests on this decision, and the current fight is based on whether the information was delivered on the right form,” Goldstein groused.

De Blasio has had poor relations with the Senate Republicans, who have only given him a series of one-year extenders on mayoral control despite predecessor Mike Bloomberg getting much more.

The bitterness stems from the mayor’s 2014 unsuccessful bid to help flip the Senate to Democratic control.

Goldstein argues a multi-year extension of the mayoral control law should be a no-brainer on its merits. She said New York City schools under de…