–ANALYSIS – ABC’S RICK KLEIN: The next hundred days is kicking off like the first 100 did – as a wild ride that showcases a presidential war with the fourth estate. For a president who has famously warred with media outlets throughout his time in office, few have gotten more out of such strained relationships as President Trump. Consider the ways he’s seeking to reset his presidency, at the start of (another) defining week for his presidency. He offered up a split-screen on the night of the White House Correspondents Dinner, jousting from afar as media outlets pushed back, dressed in black tie. His chief of staff told ABC’s Jonathan Karl on “This Week” that “we’ve looked at” strengthening libel laws. And Trump’s first campaign ad of the 2020 (!) cycle features the words “FAKE NEWS” plastered over recognizable TV news faces. It’s a high-profile sideshow that distracts from a bigger picture of a spending bill that is sacrificing key campaign priorities, and continued uncertainty over a health care bill that the president appears not to know all the details of. As always, Trump needs the press – and he knows it.

SLIDESHOW: Trump’s first 100 days

–CONGRESS REACHES DEAL ON GOVERNMENT FUNDING: Negotiators have reached a deal to fund the government through September, Congressional aides said, staving off the threat of a government shutdown through most of President Donald Trump‘s first year in office, ABC’s BENJAMIN SIEGEL and ALI ROGIN report. The bill includes funding for the military by $15 billion, with $1.5 billion of that going to border security, but none of the border security money goes to funding the construction of a physical border wall or to hiring ICE agents. The deal also doesn’t block funding for Planned Parenthood or sanctuary cities, both of which President Trump threatened to defund. The House and Senate return Monday night, and could set up a midweek vote.

–PRIEBUS SAYS ‘WE’VE LOOKED AT’ CHANGES TO LIBEL LAWS: White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said the Trump administration has “looked at” changes to libel laws that would curtail press freedoms, but said “whether that goes anywhere is a different story.” President Trump frequently slams the press for its coverage of him and in March suggested changing libel laws. Libel is…