“Caring” with Other People’s Money

Compassion for others is at the heart of many faiths. We’re blessed to be a blessing to others, but there’s no compassion in “giving” when the money comes from a government taxing others to provide the funds to do the “giving?” Charity is a personal value and should be made from our own resources.

Should not the successful and rich give more? In my opinion, they have the resources and the moral obligation to do so. When much is given, much is expected. But it should be a personal choice, not the result of raising further the government sanctioned taxes on high-income Americans.

America was built on individual opportunity and freedom coupled with a commitment to the commons. We all want our version of the “American Dream,” but we encourage others to do the same. Self-reliance is a traditional American value, but so is our shared compassion for our neighbor. Neighbor helping neighbor is a blessing for all, cementing a strong common bond in our local communities.

There will always be some who are poor. In a free society built on free enterprise and capitalism, companies succeed and companies fail. People become rich. When companies fail, jobs are lost and owners and workers alike can become temporarily poor. The “Bootstrap Studies” suggest that over decades, the poor of today can still bounce back to become the wealthy of the future. But so can a successful entrepreneur be the toast of the town one year and bankrupt in a decade. Why? America is built on equal opportunity, not equal results. Yet our tumultuous free-enterprise economy has served America well in becoming the most prosperous and powerful country in the world.

We’re also a giving country. According to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, America is number one with over 10% of our GDP going to…